Music Ministry

“The best catechesis on the liturgy, is the liturgy itself celebrated well.”

                          -Pope Benedict XVI Emeritus                             

In St. Patrick’s Parish, the Music Ministry’s primary purpose is to praise and glorify The Most Blessed Trinity through the use of sacred music, to honour the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Saints and ask for their intercessions, and help beautify the liturgical worship through our singing.

We strive to focus the congregation’s attention on the Lord’s presence and make lifting our hearts and minds to heavenly realities easier. Since sacred music is an integral part of the Liturgy, the St. Patrick’s choirs strive to preserve our Catholic treasury of common hymns, chant and polyphony.

We are always in need of new voices and  would love to have you singing with us!

If you would like to join one of our Mass choirs please contact:

Saturday 5pm – Krystyna Tucka

Sunday 9am – Martina Hume

Sunday 11am – Krystyna Tucka

Sunday 4:30pm – Marie-Therese Krzus

Funeral choir- Krystyna Tucka


Click here for more information on the Church’s documentation on Sacred Music and Sacred Liturgy 

Listen to a Hymn – Allegri – Miserere (Oxford Choir of New College)

“For in the celebration of Mass,

in which the Sacrifice of the Cross is perpetuated,

Christ is really present in the very assembly gathered in His Name, in the person of the minister, in His word,

and indeed substantially and uninterruptedly under the Eucharistic Species.”

GIRM (General Instruction of the Roman Missal), 27