12th Sunday in Ordinary Time Love and Support for our Neighbors and our Community following the Fire at the Edge Community Apartments We ask you to please keep the residents of the Edge Community in your thoughts and prayers.  We pray as a community for the restoration process to be efficient, to be just, to be well executed so that our friends and neighbors may return to this community and join us again.  We truly miss the hustle and bustle of our

11th Sunday in Ordinary Time Happy Father's Day! Love and Support for our Neighbors and our Community following the Fire at the Edge Community Apartments A letter from Father Matthew To Some familiar faces among the residents of Edge There are approximately 20 parishioners of St. Patrick's who have lost everything due to the fire. The fire that occurred on June 9th and continued to the 10th resulted in devastating losses for our neighborhood and community. While all residents of the Edge apartment complex are safe, they

Late last night a devastating fire occurred at the Edge 2 and Edge 3 apartment buildings. The fire continues to burn and all street access to the buildings and to St Patrick's parish remain CLOSED. The entire Edge apartment building has been evacuated and thanks to the local community, all those affected have been cared for. Our own parishioners who reside in Edge have also moved to family and friends' homes. What can you do? Offer prayers - please pray for all the

The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ Mass Intentions & Feast Days Sunday, June 11th - Sr. Jo Egan + Monday, June 12th - Stanislaw & Maria Opolski (+)    Tuesday, June 13th - Wincent Pawlukojc (+) Saint Antony of Padua, Priest, Doctor  Wednesday, June 14th - Mikolay Krivtchoun (+)  Thursday, June 15th - Manuel & Senhorina Pimentel (+)  Friday, June 16th -Maria Krivtchoun (INT) The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus  Saturday, June 17th - Olia Krivtchoun (INT) The Immaculate Heart of Mary Join us in celebration and prayer for our Prep

The Most Holy Trinity The Father is my hope.The Son is my refuge.The Holy Spirit is my protector.Glory to the holy and undivided Trinity,now and forever.Let us praise the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit;let us bless and exalt God above all forever!Almighty and everlasting God,to whom we owe the grace of professing the true faith,grant that while acknowledging the gloryof the eternal Trinity and adoring its unity,we may through Your majestic powerbe confirmed in this faithand defended against all

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