Altar Serving at St. Patrick's

What is Altar Serving?

Altar Serving is the act of serving the priest and assisting him on the Altar during Mass and in the Sacristy preparing for and cleaning up after each celebration. In addition to Sunday Masses Altar Servers may have the opportunity to serve with Father at Weddings, Funerals, Baptisms and other special Liturgical and Sacramental celebrations. Altar servers support the priest by taking on the responsibility of preparing the incense, lighting the candles and assisting with the proclamation of the Holy Word and the distribution of the Body of Christ.

To be an altar server, the boy needs to feel a calling to want to participate in the Mass in a special way. The Altar server needs to know the importance of what and who he is serving. And remember that he is there to help direct the Church to the one real reason we are at Mass or at any Church celebration; and that it’s for Our Lord.

Why Altar Serve?

Perhaps you wish to serve the Parish in a different way. Or your friend suggests for you to join with him. Or because you think we look cool on the altar in our vestments. (which we know we do 😉 .) These may be some of your reasons for being interested. Which is absolutely great. The Holy Spirit has an amazing way of opening your feelings towards something in such a natural almost non-noticeable way.

But do not be mistaken, everything the Holy Spirit touches in your life, or opens your eyes too is for a big reason. I believe that reason is to bring glory, celebration and joy to God the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, the Church and Her People. No matter what it is. So no matter your reason, know that it is gift to have you interested and invested in something like this, and that I hope you come to realize that big reason just as I did.


Must be Grade 5 or older to serve.
This is intended for older boys who are more independent of their parents.
Altar serving is a calling that not all boys share; it's important that the altar servers truly want to serve the parish in this way.
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