The coffeehouse needs you

A letter from Hannah Powell, August 27, 2023

Hello Dear Parishioners of St. Patrick’s, 

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend with whatever that looks like. To all those going through hard times, blessed times or ambivalent times, hello. I hope I can meet you in whatever space you are in. My name is Hannah Powell and I am the Discipleship Formation and Holy Grounds coordinator at St. Patrick’s. You can find me in the coffee house making various drinks (and hopefully perfecting my latte art) or doing other work to support the ministries (like Alpha and small groups) here at the parish. 

I am writing to you today to entreat and ask for your help. 

We are starting a new initiative at St. Patrick’s & I would love for you, yes YOU, to be involved. 

HolyGrounds, our parish coffeehouse, is growing by the day! At the end of the school year, we had MRSS high school students pop in during their lunch break. Individuals are also finding us on Google and paying us a visit. Others are coming from various parishes to see how they too can implement an intentional space like Holy Grounds. And just recently, the restoration workers from across the street have been coming more than once a day for coffee and treats. Most often, the coffeehouse fills up by an extra 15-20 people in a matter of minutes. 

HolyGrounds and personally myself, have truly benefited off the help of our amazing volunteers at St. Patrick’s, especially for our Sunday socials throughout the calendar year. I am always so touched when people offer to help in some way, shape or form especially because I know how busy life can get. I know there are other responsibilities that are yours to hold. Please know your amazing & selfless expression of service is not lost on the team here at St. Patrick’s. 

I am writing this letter to you all, my parish family, to present an opportunity. We would love to start having consistent volunteers run the coffee house on various days of the week starting in September. We already have a few amazing and espresso-machine-trained volunteers who come consistently to support the coffee house.  

The time commitment is up to you. The hours are up to you. Simply let us know. 

You can bring your kiddos, a book, study materials or whatever else to help the time pass, in case the coffee house is not busy (which is looking less likely by the day, praise God). 

All we ask is that service is done with a smile and a spirit of joy and hospitality. 

This would be a great opportunity if you: 

1. Love to be around and work with other people. 

2. Love to learn new skills like latte art or candle making. 

3. Want to serve somehow in the parish but are not sure where to start. 

4. Want to meet more people in the parish & school community. 

5. Want to get out of the house for a few hours and establish a routine. 

This can be for anyone. 

Thank you for reading this letter. Truly, generously volunteering in the coffee house helps our staff team tremendously so we can complete other tasks while keeping the coffee house what it was created to be. We want to continue to work hard for you and your families, establishing further intention, relationship and overall morale in this beautiful parish community of St. Patrick’s Maple Ridge. This work is truly so rewarding. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Have a wonderful Sunday to you and those you love; those here and far away. 

I give you all the blessings of my heart. 


Hannah Powell 

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