Bulletin: 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Thank you

This week as we experienced a significant snow and weather event, we would like to highlight all of those who came out to keep the church open and Masses happening.

Thank you to Michael Albrecht for fixing our parish furnace during the most critical time so that we can all attend Mass in comfort.

Thank you to Boris who brought his excavator and kept our parking lot clear and safe.

Thank you to Margaret, Boris and Mateo Jakus, Francis Mai, Emma and Michael Steele and Hannah Powell for shoveling, salting, and clearing the snow from our pathways to make it possible for parishioners to safely make their way to church.

Thank you to our parishioners who braved the snow and difficult weather and still came to celebrate our Lord as a community.  We are so grateful to you. ♥

Every act of help and support keeps our parish running and is an integral part of achieving our parish mission. We are so very grateful to all.

If you would like to serve the parish by donating your time or skills, please let us know.

our Small Business Owners

We are so happy to provide a free resource of small businesses owned and managed by fellow parishioners. By supporting one another, we grow and strengthen our community, and through that support we grow and strengthen our faith.

    • Business Services:
      • Yagi IT Consultations and Support
      • {NEW} Julia Hanley Consulting
      • Print It Group
    • Children’s Services:
      • Chrysta Academy
      • {NEW} Maple Corner Daycare
    • Fabrication Services:
      • Dion Custom Metal Services
      • Doodle Design Craft
      • Tie a Bow custom creations
    • Eateries & Food
      • Alina Cafe & Bakery
      • Bella Nonna’s Bakery & Grocer
      • The Blueberry Run
    • Health & Wellness
      • Addictions Specialist Dr. Rosanna Lima
      • Chiropractor Dr. Nancy Giacometti
      • End of Life Doula, Valerie Spurrell
      • Professional Nursing Foot Care – Micha
      • Plexus Gut Health
      • Trauma Therapist – Lorna Demedeiros
    • Home Furnishings and Decor
      • Bliss on a Budget – Wholesale Mattress
      • Weatherly Interiors
    • Home Renovation, Construction and more
      • Carlson Electric
      • Flooring Contractor – Don Fafard
      • {NEW} HVAC Contractor – Sanjay Kumar Reddy
      • Norum Construction & Reno
      • Junk Removal & Moving – Simon Chan
    • People Services
    • Personal Care Services
      • Grace Dignified Women’s Clothing
      • Mary Kay Cosmetics S. Richardson
      • May Hair Design
      • Nail Tips
    • Photography Services
      • Anita Alberto Photography
      • Jozef Povazan Photography
      • Marta Lewicki Photography
    • Real Estate & Financial Services
      • Blue Pearl Mortgage Services
      • Origin Mortgage Services
      • Realtor – Sarah Eales Tuck

    St. Patrick’s has a thriving Altar Boys Ministry, led by Marko Jakus.  We would like to invite any boys who are Grade 5 and up and who feel called to serve the parish in this very special way, to complete the sign up form on our website.

    We will begin holding training sessions for both new and experienced Altar Servers in the next month.  

    You must be signed up in order to receive the details regarding upcoming trainings.

    You were called by God for a purpose, and were given gifts and charisms by the Holy Spirit at the time of your Baptism and Confirmation. Discover your special gift through the Called & Gifted program now being offered through St. Patrick’s.

    Join us

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    We exist to call and form missionary disciples
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